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講 師 名 Riza
年 齢 / 性 別 33才 / 女性
出 席 率 [Attendance Rate] 過去1ヶ月の出席率   79%   ★☆☆☆☆   (22/28)
Location / 日本語スキル Home / 話せない
趣 味・特 技 I love listening reggae music and playing badminton
専 門 レ ッ ス ン 範 囲 子供向け・初級向け・中級向け
自 己 紹 介 Hi! My name is Alereza Lopez and you can call me Riza. I'm taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Management specializing Airline Operating Procedure at the Philippine State College of Aeronautics. I've been attending workshops, trainings and seminars held in different places in my country and I have a lot of chances to meet people in various nationalities and different status in life. I've been selected as one of the top twenty college students in our locality and had been chosen to represent the college in Airline Operations Training in Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority - MCIAA. I had also been assigned in Legal Department of the MCIAA during my On- the - Job training that equips me with knowledge about Airline Managements.

I've been a working student for about five years to an elementary public school teacher. She taught me a lot of things about teaching and it captures my child's heart and I do wish to be a teacher then.With my knowledge learned from my experiences it will help me to be a good teacher.

My friends keep telling me that I am motivated and diligent worker. They also said that I'm a good listener with good leadership skills. And I believe that with these abilities, I can help you be more motivated and interested learning English with me.

Come and join me in exploring the world of English.Let's cross the borders together!..

Looking forward to see you soon.

私の名前 はAlereza ロペス で す、そして、 あなた は私 をリザー と呼ぶ ことができ ます。 フィリピンの州立航空大学 で Stewardessコースに在籍しています。 私は国 の異なる 場所 で 開催される ワークショップtrainings と セミナー に出席していました 、そして、いろいろな 国籍 と異なる地位の人々に会う機会がありました。この事により、私は大学で一生懸命勉強してトップ20人の大学生の1人として選ばれて、現在は、マクタン- セブ 国際空港でAirline Operations Training を受けています。今までも私は、5年間働きながら学ぶ学生で公立学校の先生のアシスタントをしてきました。担当の先生から子供の教え方や心の捉え方など多くのものを学びました。この経験により教える事の大切さを理解し、私を育ててくれました。 私の友人は、私 は勤勉で真面目でリーダーシップ・スキルをもち聞き上手だと言ってくれます。そして、私は生徒様が学ぶ事を手伝えると思います。一緒に英語を学び、世界を旅しましょう。私のクラスで会いましょう!

Teacher Rizaは現在は2児の母でスクールが設立してからマネージャーとして働いてくれました。子育てが一段落して又戻ってきました。

Please copy and paste it.
She is teaching now.

V O I C E コ メ ン ト




01:00 ------------------------------
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02:00 ------------------------------
02:30 ------------------------------
03:00 ------------------------------
03:30 ------------------------------
04:00 ------------------------------
04:30 ------------------------------
05:00 ------------------------------
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07:00 ------------------------------
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08:00 ------------------------------
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11:00 ------------------------------
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13:00 ------------------------------
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14:00 ------------------------------
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15:00 ------------------------------
15:30 ------------------------------
16:00 ------------------------------
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■受講生のコメント         最新の10件を掲載しています                                                      最新の30件を表示する

評価者 コメント
Gaku さんのコメント
Thank you so much, Riza.
It was a pleasant, tactful class as usual from the material based on the article 'Company makes booth for vertical napping' you kindly chose.
Here are the answer of the synonym match that haven't been asked in the lesson.
1. catered to = g. provided for
2. unveiled = d. made public
3. ingenious = i. creative
4. catch 40 winks = b. take a nap
5. fatigue = j. weariness
6. common = e. typical
7. stereotype = a. cliché
8. boredom = c. monotony
9. efficient = f. labour-saving
10. optimal = h. best
At first, I thought that 'stereotype' is equivalent to 'typical', but it turned out that they are different after confirming them in a dictionary.
I suppose that many Japanese are likely to misunderstand them.
For that reason, this synonym match is optimal to Japanese people.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to taking your next class.
Tatsu さんのコメント
Thank you!
12−0099 くまポン さんのコメント
l really enjyoed talk with her.
Ruru 12-0069 さんのコメント
She is very nice and kind person.
also very good pronounce and easy to talk.
I enjoyed of her lesson.!
Thank you so much for being nice Riza!
Ruru 12-0069 さんのコメント
She is very nice and kind person.
also very good pronounce, easy to talk!
I enjoyed of her lesson:)
Gaku さんのコメント
Thank you so much, Riza.
It was a pleasant, tactful class as usual from the material based on the article "Athlete spends 500 days in underground cave" you kindly chose.
The article I read in the past said that a human cannot endure for a few weeks under being isolated environment. In the article, the examinee was about to go mad during the experiment.
Therefore, I was surprised to read this article that proves the athlete spent 500 days in underground cave.
The reason must be that not her physical but mental has been well trained.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to taking your next class.
Honoka & Yuya さんのコメント
Thank you so much.
Mayumi さんのコメント
Thanks so much, Riza!
Kyoko さんのコメント
Thank you for your lesson.
It was very fun lesson.
Sakura さんのコメント
Thank you for your class. I'm glad to share about sushi culture in Japan.


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